About Us

Ashworks Dance Association conducts workshops throughout Australia giving dancers & singers an opportunity to be mentored and taught by other accomplished artists from all over the world.

Created in 2016 by "Ashlee Lawson". Ashlee found that dancers & singers were hesitant to go to other dance workshops when being held at other dance schools due to the competitiveness & rivalry that was associated between dance schools. Ashlee decided to create a space that is neutral grounds and will bring dancers together as they all have the same love and passion for dancing and singing. As Ashworks Dance Association (ADA) is not affiliated with any dance schools, it gives dancers to be able to come together and share their passion in a friendly environment.

"We need to encourage and help each other grow together in this industry as at the end of the day we are all here for the same reason and that is to do something we love! DANCE!

Donations - Kids helping kids

A percentage from Ashworks Dance Association is also donated to Jodie O'shea's non profit organisation in Indonesia. Each year Ashlee travels to Bali  to visit the children and to take the children food shopping & supply them with any essentials they need. This year Ashlee was able to provide them with Mattresses for their bunk beds, underwear, clothing, food and cleaning products which contributes greatly with the 97 children they have living at there.